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Part Number: ADP0201

Product Description:

Phone Activated Power Switch Turns Devices on with a Phone Call

Category: Accessories

Stone Phone Act. Power Switch
  • Remote reboot, remote restart, and remote shutdown using a standard phone line.
  • Remote programming.
  • Manual and automatic reboot modes.
  • Security: User defined Security Access Code for remote access.
  • Ultimate security: Power down devices that are not needed.
Works with existing phone line - no need to add a dedicated phone line.

Technical Specifications
  • Power - 120 VAC plug in
  • Switching Contact - 120 VAC 15A with resettable circuit breaker
  • Interrupt Modes - Automatic ring detection. Manual pick up with security code.
  • Switching Auto - Reboot (15 seconds off then back on), Toggle (on or off), Power on call and then turns off 2 minutes after call terminates.
  • Switching Manual - Key Pad 4 or 6 digit security code command (on/off)
  • Manual Override - Push button (on/normal operation)
  • Power and Relay Status - LED; Remote audible readback.
  • Ringer Equivalence - 1.1 B
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